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Identifying a Cartwheel Doorknob

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Good Morning everyone!

I was wondering if you could help me narrow down the origin of this cartwheel millefiori doorknob paperweight. I am assuming it is part of the Perthshire/Strathearn/Ysart family but have not been able to ID it so far myself.

I took a look at Richards site and it does not match up to the Ysart/Strathearn door knobs shown there.

The paperweight portion is 1 5/8" high and  2 3/8" in diameter. With the door knob attachment it stands about 3" in height.

Thanks in advance for any insights you can offer.

Think it is more Strathearn, though setup does look possibly Vasart.  These are more usually Strathearn I think.

PM me if it is for sale.



Hi.  I wonder if it might be a very early (and untidy) Perthshire example, given the ribbon twists for spokes. I have also seen a near identical fitting on a doorknob that was definitely Perthshire.  Remember it was a group of people from Strathearn who started Perthshire.


Could well be.  Is there anything in it being a silver instead of brass finish base?  All the ones I have are strathearn, and have the silver bases.

Those cross canes and the slightly untidy set up make me vote for Strathearn. There is a weight on Ebay now with very similar cross canes item No 371098751595


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