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ID help - small sulphide bust of bearded military figure

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Yes, another sulphide.

This piece is on the small side roughly 2-1/8" diameter and 1-1/2" tall. It rests on a flat semi-polished base. The sulphide itself is rather crude and lacks the detail found in antique french examples. There are no markings to be found. The size, quality and iron cross on the lapel indicate to me possible Bohemian origin but I'd live to hear your opinion.



Hi.  I wonder if it is Lajos Kossuth, Governor of Hungary?  It is not the common version, but I know there is at least one other sulphide (but cannot find an image).  I think some of the Kossuth were NEGC, but they may be some Bohemian too.


I was thinking the same.  Here is the image of Kossuth.  Current thinking is that it was not made by NEGC, but we don't know who made it.  There may have been more than one glass company that made them as there is some variation in quality.


a more detailed Blowup picture of the medal (and the collar insignia if there are any) could shed some light
on the army in which this gentleman was serving...
If there are three stars on the collar, then it is no doubt a US General-
but who? - Confederate or Union? You will have to browse a lot of Portraits...
There are some Pairpoint (end 19th Cent.) sulphides around, showing Secession War Generals,

for the medal, there is the Kearny Cross (straight arms), which can be a hint,
the Iron Cross has curved arms, hope this helps,
Kind regards, Erhard

Looks sort of like Robert E Lee.


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