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St. Clair Kewpie Doll Paperweight - ADORABLE

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The Joys Of Collecting - Message For Makers Thread Has references about, and a solid discussion of, specific St. Clair sulphides - U.S. Grant and Mamie Eisenhower, and why makers should sign their paperweights.

Here's an example of a different kind of St. Clair, which I think deserves its own thread, so it doesn't get lost in the shuffle. I think more folks will see it if it's kept spearately. The paperweight is "hot stamp" signed Maude and Bob St. Clair and dated.

The paperweight is the famous St. Clair Kewpie Doll, which does garner good prices if you can find one. This is in tip-top shape. If you see a Kewpie Doll weight on eBay, or elswehere, go for it.

Lily of the Valley:
I have a question about my St. Clair sulphide, a nice big fat great-horned owl sitting on a lovely nest of green/white.  It is signed/dated Maude and Bob St. Clair 1972.  The sulphide is nicely painted and on the outside of the left foot are the initials C (or G) J.  Is this the maker and/or painter of the owl and does anyone know what this person's full name might be?

Your kewpie weight is very nice!  Are there any initials?

All the best .... Lily

No other initials or markings on my weight other than the hot stamp hallmark shown in the photograph.

I'm not familiar with the initialing on the weight you have. But, there is a large group of midwest paperweight collectors, although they don't seem to be on this board. They don't seem to be a vocal group. They concentrate on glass factories in Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, etc. Maybe a member will see this thread. I think Mark has connections to them.

I saw one on eBay yesterday, but can't find it again now.

Amazing, or perhaps astonishingly, or maybe revoltingly, the seller has no clue what it is. I just did an eBay search for any and all of these words in a variety of combinations: st. clair, kewpie, paperweight, doll. Nothing. Not in an any category search or a specific paprweight search.

Sadly, kewpie did not bring up anything, nor did st. clair kewpie. So I guess the seller missed the boat.


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