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Finds from one small car boot

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shot of the canes

Not bad finds Chris. I like the 1st and 4th items they both look very interesting. The car boot I go to which is the only one is also known as the posh car boot as its in a very expensive area , I just pop in on my way to do the shopping.

A couple of other items I have picked up since July was the Whitefriars Peter Wheeler studio glass and a Victorian satin glass jug. I also picked up 3 early cut glass plates.


Yes Roy, there are two posh car boots by me, always chock full of dealers at least 12 at the last one, i walked down three rows and give up. This has to be the best one so far this year, i have no idea how to date it as it looks brand new with very little base wear and it's a monster 14 inches in height and weighs just under 2 kg, you have to be there when everyone is unpacking as most good stuff has gone within the first half hour.

4.00 and all hand cut.

Nice decanter Chris.

The small car boot I go to opens at 11.00 and all the sellers have just about unpacked before you go in .

I went this morning and nearly came home empty handed until this little bowl caught my eye. Its signed Daum Nancy France and after a little research believe its a Daum Verre de Jade miniature bowl .
Diameter 11cm.
Date c1920.


Great find, this one cost me a hundred quid.

Worth every penny it's stunning.

Same size as yours.

As far as i have researched the signature is pressed in hot leaving a smokey dull stain around the signature.


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