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Two Pressed Glass pieces, possibly Depression?

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Amongst my finds today were these two pieces. As you'll probably guess, pressed glass isn't my forte, but hopefully I'm learning  :lol:

Firstly, is a yellowy / orange comport (or compote?) with orange rim.
There are six panels, of three floral designs, each one repeated twice.
The colour looks dull in the photo, but in sunlight it really sings.
[edit: more photos posted below]

Second, a pink glass plate, floral design, very low relief on the underside.
I suspect this may be what is generally referred to as "depression glass" but I'm clueless as to manufacturer, let alone design.

Many thanks for any help!


Your plate is Royal Lace by Hazel Atlas Glass Company, USA, 1934-1941. Not uncommon in the UK in pink and uraniun green. And yes its's genuine Depression glass. No idea about the compote/rt (either spelling is OK)

Hi robbo,
your comport should be Sweden - Strombergshyttan, Smaland

Christine and Pamela,
Many thanks for your fast id's - possibly the quickest in the history of the GMB!  8)  :lol:
I've found this page for Royal Lace which suggests production 1934-41.

I'll take some more photos of the comport because there are some differences from the one on your site, which aren't visible in my photo - yours looks so much more refined than mine.


that will be fine, robbo,
but still I am quite sure it is this Swedish as presumed. Perhaps the photos of mine promise a lot more than the glass obviously is - in fact mine is much more relative to American depression texture than 'European pseudo cut'   :D


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