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Lime green Dalek pitcher

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Deb of Oz:
This is currently for auction on ebay UK, but it's cracked.
Are the lumps on it called prunts?
Is there anything interesting about it eg nationality?
It looks very seventies. Is it a Dr Who item?

I've put it on flickr so it won't disappear

I think it could be Italian as there is a similar patterned one here.

To call them prunts may be wrong as I'm sure prunts have to be applied seperately and these look moulded.

But I could be wrong.

Hi Deb
If its a current auction and not yours should you be putting the auction link rather than a borrowed picture - can lead to copyright issues.

Italian? and moulded not prunts

I can confirm Italian make. The pitcher and tumblers are known in black Carnival Glass.


Deb of Oz:
Thanks for the response. I knew I'd seen something like it before, but couldn't think of where.

FYI it's not my auction. I never thought of anything on ebay as copyright, as they are pictures of things not created by the seller and are for sale. If you bid on the item, I have acted as an unpaid agent.

I am using this site to learn & find it frustrating that stuff is identified, but the picture is gone because it was ebay, or a store, or the site is gone. That's why when anything I ask about sells, I go back and give the price so the next person has a complete record of the event. I could call this um, let me see - Hey I know - a DATABASE!!

As I am hoping flickr remains free, on big cared-for servers & accessible, that seemed like a good place to put pics.

Next time, I will include the ebay link AND a pic on flickr. At some point I will actually buy something worth showing (I missed a piece of Hoglund last night Very Big Sigh - even if it is pink) and having this system in place will be worthwhile.


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