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Hi All

It would be great to put names to these pieces of glass if possible, failing that, possibilities or suggestions as to who may have made them which will at least give me a direction in which to search. Many thanks in anticipation, regards Tim

First off is a large green vase with hoops on the inside, vase smooth to touch on the outside.  The rather large and heavy vase measures;
305mm in height
200mm top rim diameter
140mm base diameter
60mm pontil mark
Am I correct in saying that they are known as Lynn something or something Lynn?

Large yellow bell shaped bowl which measures as follows;
128mm in height
155mm rim diameter
120mm base diameter
180mm at its widest point
37mm pontil mark

Small yellow Bowl which measures;
100mm in height
125mm rim diameter
65mm foot diameter
40mm pontil mark

Finally a smallish shallow dish which measures;
40mm in height
110mm rim diameter
45mm foot diameter, which as can be seen is ground flat as a mill pond.

Once again, many thanks to anyone who may be able to enlighten me.

Well I'm no expert but the first green one looks Whitefriars to me.

I don't think it's Whitefriars.

No.1 Looks like Anne E. B's in this thread;,5592.0.html

Vase #1 is a fairly common shape made by many glassworks from the 1930s onwards, and is hard to pin down unless it fits Whitefriars size/colouring or is signed (Per Lutken for Holmegaard, for example, or Elis Bergh for Kosta, etc...).


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