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"Ice Glass" Bowl - Scandinavian?

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Thanks to the answers to the question about books I have ordered Smoke & Ice, and Fire & Sea, but I've ordered them in the USA (they are so much more in my price range there) and I won't be able to get them for a while.

In the meantime, I wondered if anyone can help with this bowl :

and this is it's bottom with 3 really unusual "raspberry prunt" feet :

Approximately 9.5" in diameter.............depending where you measure it, and very heavy.

I also wanted to ask if I could have found out for myself if I already had those 2 books?

Thank you

Cat, your bowl is a little like a plate I have by Humppila designed by Pertti Santalahti but reminds me more of a bowl I've seen by Tauno Wirkkala (brother of Tapio) also for Humppila.  Just a hunch though, it  might give you something to search on if nothing else :-)

Hi Pip,

What a fabulous website - I don't know anything about how it's done but it's just great...............fab pics and so easy to get about plus so much information.  I have added you to my favourites!

I saw your Humppila and I can see why my bowl caught your eye.  It's the bottom that makes me think maybe not, but I'm off on the search to see if I can find out more.  

Kind regards Cat

Humph, my IP address is banned by Pips Trip. Was going to look at the Humppila bits  :cry:  :cry:

Firstly Cat, massive thanks for your kind words - much appreciated!  Secondly, Christine - apologies - are you sure you're banned! LOL as far as I know my webmaster only bans certain bots and spiders - I wonder how on earth that could have happened? I'm not even sure how I would go about getting you unbanned <<<scratching head

here's a link to the Humppila plate - hopefully you'll be able to see it (apologies for the long link - I'm not very good at this)

Humppila Plate

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