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Can someone tell me anything about this glass maker?.I recently acquired a beautiful glass 'sphere',signed by Vera Walther.Does anyone know when this artist was working,when my object was made etc etc

contemporary manufacturer of giftware handmade from Duran tubes is a subsidiary of the Walther glass imperium; unable to find when they started but at a guess I'd say early eighties. Also not sure if it is a brand name only, or if there is/was an actual Vera.  They 're located in Willebadessen, Germany - check the website at


This paragraph explains Marcus' link

--- Quote ---Parallel to my own experiments, my boss in Siebenstern, Mr. Juergen Walther, established the Vera Walther Glass Manufacture¯ with its artistically manufactured products. He encouraged me to market my creations und his name. We were very successful. Vera Walther had good marketing and, Helga, my wife, and I were hardly able to cope with everything.
--- End quote ---
Heiner Düsterhaus

It's a very interesting site, with the story of Heiner the glass designer who turned to become a craftsman / glass artist. The site shows some very creative and accomplished work among more commercial items. Heiner now seems to be marketing directly to retailers.

The English front page is here:

I found a VW piece last Sunday and guess what - it's real glass, not Duran tubes.


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