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Green, ribbed, handled tumblers/mugs

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Has anyone seen these before please,  any ideas who may have made them and how old they may be? There is no maker's mark on them (it's a set of 4), but some of them have a red, oval label, printed with the single word: FOREIGN. They are 4" tall and 2" across the rim. Slightly barrel-shaped and ribbed vertically. No pontil mark. <--- now added to topic <--- now added to topic

Any ideas very welcome, thanks!

Oooof I give up. Austria or Northern Italy jump to mind (green, optic rib, cut rim, handle applied, oval gold/red foil sticker, white wine) but it could be just as well Bavaria. Germany or Czechoslovakia are less likely - as beer does not taste not half as good from green glasses.

Thanks Ivo, any idea of age on them?

I've never drunk wine out of handled mugs... I'd sort of assumed they may be for non-alcoholic beverages.  ;D

I didn't know about beer and green glasses either! I wonder why that is?

oh that is easy. Beer is blond - in typical beer countries like the Czech Republic and Germany they will have something nasty to say about darkish lukewarm British beers - and has a contrasting head of foam. These disappear in brown or blue or green glass - so beer glasses need to be clear.

White wine is drunk from green glasses; in a traditional glass service there is always a set of uranium coloured glasses "for Rheinish wines". And even in the Alsace they use glass with a clear bowl and a green stem.

Red wine, of course, can only be drunk from crystal clear glass.

Chris Harrison:
Hi Anne

Just back from a spell in the IT wilderness.  I see I have a couple of emails from you from ages back to answer.  Sorry about that. 

Anyway, these glasses of yours...

I have half a dozen of them packed away - almost identical, just a little straighter if my notes are right.  Hold about 40cl, same optic ribbing, colour, flat cut rims, nice handles etc.  They're pretty heavy, good quality, bright crystal.

Half were originally bought individually - rather than as a set - at the BAOR NAAFI in Schloss Neuhaus, near Paderborn in around 1980.  The other three were from the Karstadt (I think) department store in Koeln a couple of years later.

Doesn't tell us who made them though.

They aren't really very green when they have beer in them.  You can easily see the head through the glass.  I don't ever recall anyone refusing a drink when handed one of these... :-)



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