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Gareth to help you out. If this is northwood, the color is called Chinese Coral. It was introduced in 1924 and since the company closed in 1925 it did not have a long run. The variation of color can be tremendous from a deep red to an orange. This period can be confusing because Northwood, Cambridge and Fenton all made similiar products. Cambridge did not make an opaque red or orange. Fenton did however. Fentons color is called Mandarin red and was produced 1933-1935. Hope this helps, Terry in Iowa

I would also like to see a picture of the entire piece.  I think I have an identical bowl

It was sold to me as Fenton and for a while I thought it was Fenton Flame.  However, I have since come to believe mine is actually made by Diamond Glass in "flame" as picture on page 114 in "Dugan/Diamond - The Story of Indiana, Pennsylvania Glass" by Heacock, Measell, and Wiggins.

It is definitely not Fenton Mandarin Red or Venetian  Red which happens to be my collecting passion  8)  Northwood Chinese Coral is very similar to Fenton Mandarin Red so I don't believe it is Northwood either.

Right...a couple more photographs.

The one looking down into the bowl is rather boring as the orange markings are only underneath

The profile is sitting most snuggly on a Davidsons No4 base.

Does this help at all please in identity.




its as i thought i have the same one in blue but no base.

The pictures of the entire piece changed my mind  :lol:

If it is as red as it appears in the second pictures with the orange confined to the bottom or slightly swirled in the red near the bottom, then I concur that it is most likely Northwood Chinese Coral.

My bowl is packed away right now while our house is being renovated but I will post a picture of it when it is unpacked.  It is much more orange overall with hints of yellow swirled in it.


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