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Duck on Nest - SV mark. ID = Schmid Vannes-le-Châtel France

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I've been reading the threads from 2005 about the SV mark and also ducks on nests, and there's a reference to a book which might be coming out and which may have more info on the SV mark.

Does anyone have it and can they help with this little guy please? (5" long x 3" wide x 4.5" tall and very crisp/detailed moulding, and I think vaseline glass)

mark :

Many thanks

The other threads for reference :,2755.msg20959.html#msg20959,3294.0.html

Anne Tique:
Hello, reply a bit late...but i'm looking for some ducks  ;D and came across your post...

SV - Schmid Vannes-le-Châtel  France.

If you thought your post was late......I have only just seen your reply! Many thanks for the information - I look forward to being able to label the duck as soon as I find the box he iis packed in for the current home move.

Anne Tique:
You're welcome in 5 years time !  ;D

It's not vaseline, (which is an american term, and is not really used elsewhere) but I think this opaque green uranium glass is normally called jadite.


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