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Green glass lidded pot / sugar bowl (not uranium) - ID = Sindorf Neckar

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Anne, the Mystery Set 82 page appears to have an Amber Walther Roland Oval Glass Tray added, they are very similar but the Mystery 82 Tray has more grooves around the rim, also a blue Sindorf Neckar Powder Bowl is added there.

Note: 24cm Oval and Rectangular Roland Trays usually seen with Walther Mary Glass Candlesticks.

I was surprised to find the Sindorf Neckar Glass Powder Bowls/Lidded Trinket Pots come in more than one size, the larger one is really quite chunky, I am attaching some photos to try and demonstrate how large it is.  :)

The smaller one measures 12 cm diameter x 10cm high.

The larger one measures 14.5cm diameter x 12cm high.

Also a new colour for Anne to add to the list on GTS: Teal.


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