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Small vase with engraved faun -- Erika Hellerova for Kamenicky Senov?

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I am quite positive that this little vase with beautiful engraving of a flute playing faun is by Erika Hellerova for Kamenicky Senov (Lobmeyr). Height is appr. 20 cm.
Similar designs are featured in CGR 1958/11 on Jindrich's site.

Am I right? Or are there other possibilities?


Hi Michael, I doubt there can really be any mistake, your research as usual seems careful, accurate and sensible! Your glass hunting in Austria keeps producing excellent finds for you!

Robert (bOBA)

Far more interesting than the usual twee scenes often found engraved, how many limp butterflies and dancing nymphs do we need? I guess this engraving will work better on a red vase than on any other colour....


Thanks, Robert and John!

I had thought that there should be not much doubt about the ID of this one, but who knows :)
Not a very common piece of Czech glass, I guess...

Usually I'm not so fond of engraved pieces either (I am always very disappointed when I see beautiful ZBS vases engraved with some stupid flowers or egrets), but I do like the subject in this one, and the fact that it is not just decoration but more part of the design.

BTW, the pic against the plain white background doesn't do it justice -- the colour gradient is more delicate in real nature...


I am starting a collection ;D

Lovely engraved ice skating girl, and a nice colourway of pastel blue with a purple suspendid spiral.
There still seem to be not many of these around; maybe they pop up here in Vienna more often due to the Lobmeyr connection?



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