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Happy 50th "Birthday" to the Studio Glass Movement - Studio Glass 1962-1979

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 ;D It's more cerise than pink, really. It's "baby" colours I detest, out of which pink is most vile offender.  ;D

On these rather cold days, a picture of a small group of Herman's work produced in deep burnt orange colours.

The smaller example in the centre dates to the early 70's and was blown at the RCA. The examples on the left and right are later and date from the early 80s and are typical of Herman's work produced at Lots Road.


flying free:
An interesting article here with some history in it - from 2008 an interview with Keith Cummings (I think George Elliot should have been spelled Elliott with two 't's on the end.

In it Keith Cummings appears to say George Elliott worked for Whitefriars.  I didn't know that.

Also regarding Keith Cummings - some info:
Quote 'He began teaching on the Stourbridge course in 1967 and later became its head, a position from which he stepped down in 1995 to become head of research. Now 68, he still puts in half a day a fortnight to supervise PhD students. His career has given him an overview of virtually the whole history of studio glass in Britain. ...'


I believe that interview with Keith Cummings was in connection to the Glass Routes exhibition, which is where the other information on George Elliott came from which is also documented on the GMB.

Interesting to read that George Elliott worked as a designer for Whitefriars.

Just to add below a further interview conducted with Keith Cummings in 2017.

One of the most fascinating accounts regarding the origins of the Studio Glass Movement I have come across and one straight from the horses mouth can be listened to in the below link, which contains a number of interviews conducted with David Queensbury and is part of the British Library's 'National Life Stories Collection'. These I understand were conducted in 2003-4 and part 16 features discussions around the birth of the studio movement and the RCA.....Enjoy!,Art,-Authors

flying free:
Thanks Greg- and btw I forgot to mention that's a lovely collection in the post just above these :)


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