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Paul Ysart ? ID = Caithness Glass Harlequin

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With a CG cane... hmmm

it's not an 1970 CG cane but a 1990's one, but Paul did make Harlequin's at caithness


Ray, what makes you say it's a 90's weight?

It has a CG cane, clearly seen in one of the photos. The Harlequins (Single & Double) made in 1994 had a "94" cane.

The ones with the "CG" cane were from 1976. From the first issue in 1972 up to 1975 they had a "PH" (for Peter Holmes) cane. These 70s weights were listed in the Caithness catalogue as "Designer: Paul Ysart" , even though Paul Ysart had left Caithness before they were issued.

The only "error" in the eBay listing that I can see is that the title should have been "Designed by Paul Ysart". But it's not suprising that some sellers will list these as being "by" Paul Ysart since the Caithness info seems to suggest that.

CG letters in black with a white core and  red case should be 1990


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