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Anybody Know More About Bob Biniarz?

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Bill Vitez:
Hi All,

I suffered a hard drive crash a while back and my backup did not save my GMB sign in data.

I appreciate all the information. Unfortunately, it is the same limited information that I found. I fear that Bob Biniarz may have passed in the 80's. I now own 30 of his pieces and nothing is dated beyond the early 80's.

Recently, I reached out to John C. Lewis who was a contemporary of Biniarz and is often mentioned in conjunction with him when referencing the modern art glass studio movement of the late 60's and 70's. I figure that Lewis would have known at least something of his contemporaries and possibly knows something about Biniarz. I've yet to have a response but I only reached out a day or so ago.

With a name as unique as Biniarz you'd think that an Internet search would turn up more information, if there is information to be had.

Bill Vitez:
To Lynda, yes this could be a very early Biniarz piece. Apparently his first medium was ceramics and he transitioned surfacing techniques he used in ceramics to his glass work. some of his very early work is transparent glass in molted dark tones with iridescent surfaces which, by comparison, are much more plain than later work. The only thing I can say is that I own ~30 Biniarz pieces and each is signed in a stylistic all uppercase "BINIARZ" followed by a two digit date i.e. "BINIARZ '71". I have never seen a piece attributed to him without a signature.

Bill Vitez:
All, somehow I erroneously referred to the art glass artist John C. Lewis rather than Donald Carlson who was the person that rented studio/kiln space out to Bob Biniarz. I apologize for the error.

I'm now up to over 40 pieces of Biniarz glass.

Anyone know if he is still alive or just ended his art glass career, changed mediums or is now retired? 


My name is Dorothee, I work at a radio station in Northern California, and happen to know Bob Biniarz very well. He is a DJ on our community radio. Not dead at all.... full of life actually!
When I randomly came across this website site with all of you guys wondering about Bob, I couldn't believe it, so I printed all the conversation for him, as he doesn't use internet. He is right now sitting next to me, and would love you to contact him. His phone number is 707-923-0058. This a land line, so don't text him.
You can also contact me at (*), I'll be happy to help him reconnect with his public.
Attached is a letter that he wrote for you Bill Vitez.

Dorothee Schaefer
Membership Coordinator at KMUD Radio

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Hello Dorothee, welcome to the board, and thank you for your updated and welcome info about Bob Biniarz. I'm delighted to read about him and that he's still active.

Just so you know, I've removed your email from the clear text part of your post above to prevent it being harvested by email spammers. Other members can contact you via the wee envelope icon under your name on your post above which is spam protected.


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