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ID this strange uranium green trinket set? please.

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The pots look like Libochovice 1700, but the tray isn't 1700 which has an elongated hexagon design around the edge. The candlesticks look  similar in style to 1700 and 1760 but are not a known pattern.

I've been finding more of these "sets" on ebay recently and since almost making a bid on a "set" that on closer inspection was parts of two different sets, now look very closely.  I was nearly taken-in as it was made up of parts of the UK? set with the flower finials and stems of the candle holders plus pieces from an unknown set with octagonal? finials / candle holder stems with flowers moulded into the flat faces.

Some sellers these days, as finding the correct pieces to make up genuine sets becomes more difficult, are quite shamelessly putting things together that are obviously not from the same set, but saying they are "a set".  One "Five piece dressing table set" I came across consisted of a large tray, two pots (without lids, from a different set).  One candlestick (from a third set) and a Hermanova bud-trough.

Sadly, it seems that the days are gone (or at least going) when sellers knew what they were selling.  Even trying to research and find the correct info. seems to be too much trouble for some.  It seems that increasingly, any real interest in what they are selling takes second place to how quickly they can sell it. :(

Mixed sets have been common in antique centres for a long time now, so I don't think it's anything new.

I wasn't saying that mixed sets are anything new, I too have been seeing them around for years.  But I do think they are becoming more common as it becomes more difficult to find the correct pieces.  Particularly on ebay, they seem to be on the increase.   To the point where caution is required all the time with anything described as a "Set".

I don't think that was always the case, not long ago if several pieces were described as a set, they could overwhelmingly be relied on to at least be parts of the same set.  Much less reliably so, these days, in my view.

That's exactly why I started to create the Glass Trinket Sets website.


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