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Samuel Jacob Herman, born Mexico City 25 July 1936, died Lechlade, Gloucestershire, 29 November 2020.

One of the first pupils of Harvey Littleton at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, he brought the studio glass movement to Britain, and beyond, in the mid-1960s.

Greg told me. I didn't know if it was news that was supposed to be let out or not.
There was nothing in any national news I could find; the clocks did not stop; we lost him last November.
Devastating news.

He gave an  illustrated Talk at the 2019 Biennale in Stourbridge that was well attended, and there was a gallery of his work, some for sale. I bought a book about him to learn more, but sadly do not yet own a piece of his glass!
One of the fathers of the Modern British Studio Glass movement!

Was it the recently published, absolutely glorious book about Sam and his life and works?
I have it too. It's a problem. I want his paintings and sculptures as well as his glass.  ;D

Its "Sam Herman"-signed by him edited by Rollo Humphries published in 2019. I bought it via Books etc for 25.
There are others but this has a foreword by  Lord David Queensberry of the RCA, still alive at 91 I beleieve ! I knew and worked with him and Martin Hunt of Hunt Queensberry , and will never forget they introduced me to "Torta Gorginzola, one of my now 7 most favourite cheeses ( with  Esrom, Camembert, Brie, Beaufort, Morbier and an extra mature cheddar!


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