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Just for show, Strombergshyttan.

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Picked this up in Finland about 3 years ago.
I have assumed rightly or wrongly that this vase was presented to somebody who worked at the glass factory.
The translation i got for Hederspris = Honorary award.
With the Strombergshyttan having a s on the end i think it means of the factory. ( i need a Swedish speaker to look at this :) )
The vase is a Gerda Stromberg design of the mid 1930's model b.128 . Double checked thanks to Kerstin's catalogues.
The base carries none of the usual identification. the inscription seems to be acid etched.
What do you think?

I have a very good friend who speaks both Swedish and Finnish, I'll ask her.  :)

Of course it *could* have been given to someone from the factory, but somehow I doubt it. (such a present doesn't feel very ... Swedish)

As I understand, Strömbergshyttan (the village) was a close knit community, and still is (even though most have moved away) - so my guess would be an "internal joke" sort of thing... Guess is a key word here.

However, the -s ending implies, as you say, "of Strömbergshyttan". Nice piece, and a nice mystery!

Kerstin (who has only lived in the area for 25 yrs, so I'm still "new")

 ;D I cannot fault your translation Kerstin, you are fluent in Swedish.

I did ask my friend, who is German, but loves languages, particularly Finnish and Swedish. This is her reply.
It reads "Strombergshyttans Hederspris". That means "Strombergshyttan's price of honour".

But now, I'm wondering if she muddled the words price and prize in her English. :)

She did, which is why I would have said "award" - a safer word for us foreigners...


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