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For show vase with pincered lattice Venice & Murano Glass Company or Salviati

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Fabulous bit of glass this, my first thought was Salviati but several other examples with the same shape were made by the Venice and Murano Glass Company. Typically thin and lightweight, the photos make it look quite blue, in the flesh it tends more towards black, 13 x 13cm. The foot is hollow, construction is interesting.


There is a pontil mark, the round faint scare around the open hole in the foot - not seen this before.

That's lovely John, particularly like the deep colour and applied clear glass decoration. Presume this is a similar ish date to the others in your links, around 1880?

That is my assumption for a date, with little else to go on at present in way of comparison. I don't think the lattice was applied as such, pretty sure the bowl was blown into the lattice like a cage (after the lattice was attached to the foot).

Vincenzo Moretti had worked for Salviati before moving to the Venice and Murano Glass Company at around this time.

That's lovely John


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