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Glass / Re: Uranium Goblet
« Last post by flying free on Yesterday at 08:57:03 PM »
Just to put the cat amongst the pigeons - I've just spotted this in the Musée des arts et métiers

15,5cm tall x 10cm - apparently date entered 1853
So it is a different size to yours however the bowl design is the same as yours as is the foot.
Musée des arts et métiers

I still think it's a different shape to yours especially given the piece is bigger than yours and the bowl definitely looks more squat however ...
Glass / Re: Opaline Glass Bottle/Flacon
« Last post by flying free on Yesterday at 08:38:38 PM »
and I posted a uranium glass green lustre with a white snake years ago. This is what Mike M said,45325.msg253389.html#msg253389
Glass / Re: Opaline Glass Bottle/Flacon
« Last post by flying free on Yesterday at 08:25:54 PM »
Ekimp, yes the book actually has a chapter "Decors Graves et Depolissage"/ engraved and de-polished. From what I can gather they used both hydrofluoric acid and abrasion by rubbing with very fine sand, emery and water. They heated  a mixture of calcium fluoride, chalk and sulphuric acid to produce a vapour to do the frosting, interestingly they then diluted any leftover liquid with water and stored it in lead or gutta percha/rubber containers.  Some of it's a bit too technical to understand, I might try Google translate. There is a page of the St. Louis 1851 catalogue illustrations in the book with bottles but not one exactly like mine, however there is a picture of a water set with a similar bottle, minus the snake.

Does it discuss Cristallerie Saint-Louis using this etching method on opalines?
I'm just curious ( I have a blue 'Etruscan' style vase I've been trying to identify for donkey's years) because all the ones I see are highly polished/shiny exteriors like these:

and bang on cue this appears which is frosted and seller says is from Saint-Louis:
British & Irish Glass / Re: Sowerby Uranium Spill Vase
« Last post by cagney on Yesterday at 07:55:34 PM »
  Possibly American as well. Barlow/Kaisers Guide to Sandwich Glass goes into some detail on the difference between Baccarats basket weave and the sandwich basket weave on colognes and small containers [some with covers] like yours. Roughly from the 1850-1870 period. An example of Baccarats weave pattern
An example matching yours except a different color and the table ring [foot ring] polished.
A good match for color

  Lastly on this subject Barlow/Kaiser mentions that "Both patterns where made during the same period out of exceptionally beautiful glass. Midwest  [read Pittsburgh,U.S.A,] and French companies later used Sandwich's pattern on figural match or toothpick holders of lesser quality. Presumably this relates to lead glass vs non lead glass.

  This information hardly definitive. Seems most difficult to keep tract of who is copying who in 19th century glass sometimes.
Stylistically it is much more Czech than Scandinavian.
 :) I can't help with id, but your "slight line around the bottom" looks like incalmo.
Glass / Re: Opaline Glass Bottle/Flacon
« Last post by NevB on July 20, 2024, 11:56:01 AM »
Ekimp, I'd not tried it before so I took photos of the pages, transferred them to my laptop and and used Google to translate the text. It basically says what I thought. It's difficult to be sure but I would guess mine was frosted and the snake applied afterwards.
m, I'm sure I've seen French pieces with the same sort of numbering. The gilding on the snakes is just a stripe down each side, no sign of anything else.
The attribution of that jug to St. Louis looks debateable going by the images on PK.
Found this nice heavy glass vase in a charity shop recently tucked at the back of a shelf to avoid it toppling
over, Luckily for me i bent down and spotted it and it was on a Saturday as well :)
I have done some research in to it and the nearest i can find so far is the pieces by Erkki Vesanto for IIttala
many of his are signed and i can't find this exact color as yet?? Wondered what other people think of it i love
it it has a lovely silky feel to the glass and a deep green color seems to be really good quality worth mentioning
is just above the base is a small line going around the vase just ever so slight like.
measures 20 cm tall.
Glass / Re: Uranium Goblet
« Last post by NevB on July 20, 2024, 09:20:00 AM »
Thanks Anne.
I have seen your vase shape before Legsy (somewhere out there...), I would be very confident in a Kralik attribution given the colour and draped pattern. A couple more to compare patterns here.

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