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Author Topic: Victorian Glass Vase Raspberry Pontil S&W Rockingham / Thomas Webb OR Walsh  (Read 593 times)

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Offline Greg.

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Just adding the below link, which briefly mentions 'The Burst Foil' glass technique produced by Edward Webb and Joseph Webb, who both apparently produced their own versions in 1883.....(just under half way down the page, titled 'Burst Foil)

It goes on to comment: ''There are many different types of embedded foil work, of which Burst Foil is the most common and there are famous examples of it by Edward Webb’s 1883, “Oroide and Agrentine (SIC)”.  He advertised the use of gold or silver foil between two layers of glass, respectively.  Arthur John Nash was responsible for both designs.''

On a related note:
There a piece shown in the below link described as by 'D'Humy' (which was mentioned earlier), the poster mentions that 'An exact example of this vase is in the collection of the Bristol Blue Glass Museum' and shown online. However, the website sadly seems to no longer be active.

And also a couple of other examples shown here:

I presume the first two examples shown are probably Webb? and the other example sold by Bonhams is indeed by D'Humy.

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1) I would not make any id's without primary reference sources, on any of those foil pieces.

2) I know Thomas Webb & Sons made pieces with applied animals as they have been seen in the pattern books iirc (source Antique Stourbridge Glass) and also there is the marked piece in Gulliver which was reference earlier in this thread.

3) When the online site shows a bowl saying 'Webb's Argentine possibly' for maker, then I assume they don't mean Thomas Webb (in the dim and distant past I had this query in my mind, but had forgotten about it until you made the link to the Antiquarian site Greg),  since it appears that Edward Webb or Joseph Webb made a range called 'Argentine' and Edward Webb was a different maker to Thomas Webb and Sons.

So it is possible that both Thomas Webb and Sons and Edward Webb made foil encased glass.

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