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Hi again,
Help with these would be appreciated. I think the cakestand and trophy vase may be Jacobean  :?:
I can't find any markings on any of these pieces so would be grateful for all opinions as to the pattern/dates.

They don't lean like the photo's suggest - just a wonky picnic table :wink:

Many thanks

David E:

Have you tried searching for these on Chris Stewart's web site?

Do you mean Chippendale, rather than Jacobean?

The trophy vase here: has Chippendale-style handles but it's not Davidson or Chippendale.

The pattern on the vase itself and the wavy top edge (ignoring the handles for a minute) actually looks like my Sowerby 2481 jug here: so I popped Glen's CD Book on Sowerby into the PC and found a 2481 celery vase like yours but without the handles. I'll have a trawl through the rest of the CD and see if I can match the handled one and come back on that later... unless Glen beats me to it. ;)

A few makers copied the Chippendale-style handles as that was a very popular line so I can't see why Sowerby didn't. :).

Anne, you're absolutely correct - the celery is on the Sowerby CD. It is from Sowerby's "Oxford" suite.

The cake stand is also Sowerby (and is also on the CD). The pattern is called "Portcullis" by Carnival collectors. It is Sowerby's 2381. Introduced in the late 1920s.

The vase is familiar - I'll work on it and post if I can.


The vase now - it's American. It's Imperial's #474 vase in crystal. I think it is their Collectors' Crystal, date circa 1960s (but I will happily be corrected on that).



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