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Red numbered bowl,

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I found this numbered bowl and because of the color I think it is a Val Saint Lambert, but canít find any proof for that.
The bowl is not quite big 20 x 12cm, but very thick and heavy in weight 2,75 kilo. 
The base is engraved with a numbering, I think 0214. 02. or maybe 0212/. 02. 
I know some Czech factories like Chribska also have this color, but it doesnít feel Czech to me.

I hope somebody can help.
Thanks in advance.

If it was Val St Lambert it would say so or be completely unmarked. I suspect the 02 is the date and the other bit looks more like initials to me, so perhaps studio glass

Thanks, thought about that too Christine, the first part upside down shows also something ending at ... 170 ??
The color matches exactly with my VSL lamp base and other VSL's I had before.  Bought it near the Belgian border in the Netherlands so I was sure it was a VSL.
I'm still curious who made it.

You are reading it upside down there! Shape reminds me of a Caithness Cyclone bowl, sadly no relevance though I expect:,42735.msg238881.html#msg238881

Orrefors often engraved Of as an abbreviation of Orrefors.


You can't rely on colour for attributions because few companies mix their own. They use stock colours and there are limited suppliers


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