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Millefiori cartwheel, Caithness-Whitefriars?

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Hi, I thought this would be Perthshire or Strathearn but it didnít seem to match for one reason or another (donít know much about paperweights). I have found that the centre cane and those in the outer ring and inner ring match those in a Caithness-Whitefriars Star Garden weight that has the Whitefriars monk cane with a 1982 date:

Iím getting confused by what Iíve been reading. If mine is Caithness or Caithness-Whitefriars should it be ground completely flat without the ground concave pontil scar? I wondered about pre Caithness Whitefriars but Whitefriars weights are said to have a Ďbuttoní on the bottom in addition to the ground concave pontil. I have read why the button is there but is it more subtle than it sounds or is it very obvious?

If this is Whitefriars or Caithness-Whitefriars or just Caithness, shouldnít it be marked or have the monk cane? Iím sure the canes Iíve mentioned in my weight are a perfect match with the 1982 Caithness-Whitefriars Star Garden weight. Might it be something else, John Deacons? Again, there are no identifying canes and I donít know if the base would be right?
Getting a bit lost, many thanks for any help.

It is 61mm diameter, 45mm high, with a weight of 247g.

I'm rather clueless about weights myself, but Caithness would surely be marked?
The concave pontil scar shows striations, Caithness wouldn't leave something like that, unless it was on a second - and they marked their seconds.
Of course, they may have stopped the marking at some time and gone on to use sticky labels.

I did have a Caithness Wfs weight. It had a monk cane (in the base, which was a dark blue ground) and was etched on the base Caithness-Whitefriars, along with the pattern name which I've forgotten.

But in general, Caithness fusses about finishes and marks things. ;D
So I'm leaning away from a Caithness origin. :)

Strathearn, Perthshire maybe ?

Thanks both.  :)
I looked at Strathearn and Perthshire first but read that Strathearn used white ribbons, not coloured and there wasnít the ĎPí cane for Perthshire. Also, I donít think I could find any five point stars in either make (not that I can have looked at them all).  I admit I stopped looking at other makes once I found the match with the Caithness-Whitefriars canes as was going a bit crosseyed. (Even the number of ribs around the five point star cogs is the same).

It hadnít occurred to me that the striations on the pontil would be substandard for Caithness. Iíve not got any Caithness for comparison but the finish doesnít look too dissimilar to that on a Whitefriars vase pontil. I think the pontil looks rougher in the photos, or the photos pick up the roughness better. Caithness must be so very fussy, the phrase Ďnear enough is good enoughí obviously isnít in their Quality Manual ;D

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